The One-Percenters believe they are being persecuted. Have compared themselves to the Jews persecuted by the Nazis. Okay, so here’s my problem. Either, we need to drag them out of their houses in the middle of the night while their neighbors watch and torture and kill them, or they should have a little more respect for what Jews went through.

I really think this whole thing about being persecuted for your wealth is ludicrous. A One-Percenter on Bloomberg News said that others should stop envying them and emulate them. However, if that is the case then there would be no teachers, or garbage men, police officers or civil servants. Everyone would be looking at what they can get on the backs of someone else and no one would be interested in helping each other.

This fantasy that Americans quote unquote pull ourselves up by our bootstraps is a fable that those who make it tell those who haven’t. It’s not because of lack of opportunity, poor living conditions, inadequate schools, or broken families. It’s because you didn’t work hard enough. It doesn’t matter that the ones who have made it usually have at least the right networks and the right schooling. No, it’s because they work harder than other Americans.

Work Harder! I’ve seen people that make little to nothing work hard. I know for a fact teachers work hard. I know that those who pick fruit work hard. I know those that do the jobs that some people stick their noses up at work really hard. And still they may never make it.

The truth is that in order for others to have, someone has to have not. The truth is the reason these lies are stuffed down poor people’s throats is to keep them quiet. The truth is the reason One-Percenters tell themselves they are being persecuted is to quiet their guilt and help them sleep better at night.


I worked out today. Wish I could say I’m going to work out tomorrow, but I think I better not promise it. What I can say is that I’m glad I did today. Got out of bed, did a workout session, off to work. God is good.

Today I let go of something I have been holding on to for a long time. I’m not sure if that makes me brave or shows a lack of faith. Or maybe it shows an abundance of faith. Believing that there is something out there that is better, that is right. Somedays my faith is so clear, other days I feel like I’m absolutely upside down in my belief. But that’s okay too. I love the Lord. He loves my soul. I’ll be alright.

Day 1

Thought of the Day

Darn it! Got to start over again. Doing this is pretty humbling. It shows me how I let the gift I have been given take a back seat to other things. I don’t prioritize writing so I forget to do it. It also shows that I lack follow through. Not that I don’t know that but everytime I have to start at Day 1 again, I have to face it. I must say, as much as that sort of sucks, it also is good for me. Enjoying it. Hope I do better as a 34 year-old….Woohoo another year on Earth! I am so blessed. Thirty-three was pretty awesome I must say. Hope 34 is even better. :)

Day 5

Those Seahawks made me have a bad day.

Thought of the Day

Seahawks suck! LOL. Okay, something more productive. I learned some new things today while trying to produce a mini-report at work. It felt good to take in new information and to be challenged even though it was stressful.

Today I also learned that being patient and learning acceptance is not a one day thing. It’s not a weekend jaunt. For me, learning to be patient has been extremely hard, long and nerve-wracking. And learning to accept? I just got another lesson on that yesterday (which by the weekend, probably won’t stick)!

Truthfully, what God has for you can not be manipulated, pushed, pulled, sped up or slowed down. It just is. It comes in God’s time, not our own. Which I would like to say sucks (like the Seahawks) but I have spent enough time with God to know that His time really is best. It’s just fact. Sometimes, you are not allowed to move forward or back, left or right. You just have to stand. Stand in the knowledge and the faith that God keeps pouring into you.And even though I say stand, I know that somedays all I can do is fall on my face in faith.

"Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair." I don’t think anyone’s has - no matter what their station in life. This life is not easy and the reward is not given to the weak. No matter how much at times I just want to throw in the towel, it looks like God knows better. He’s not giving up on me. He’s not letting me give up on me. And for that…

I am so thankful, so humbled, and so blessed.

Day 4

"I’m back!!!" - directed at my Sims 3 game.

Thought of the Day

Being talented is a burden of sorts. Some of the most talented people on Earth are also cursed with the biggest demons. I guess that’s why so many great singers die young or have tragic endings. It’s like the spirit in them is so bright that it can’t fit in this world for long. It shines over all of us and then before we can truly appreciate it - it’s gone. God bless those he’s sent to be a beacon of his love and a testament to his beauty. R.I.P. to those who we’ve lost along the way.

Day 3

I spent over 20 hours of this Thanksgiving Break driving. Ugh!

Thought of the Day

I don’t have anything to say but praise God. He has been so good to me. He took me to be with my family and brought me back safely. I am truly blessed. 

I love you family. Both biological and not. You all inspire me.

Day 2

I played pool tonight. My friends had a great Sims interaction.
Thought of the Day
What is the point of doing the right thing if it doesn’t pay off? I guess it’s still the right thing. There should nee comfort in that. Unfortunately like everyone else, I’m completely extrinsically motivated at times. If it’s not going to make a difference shouldn’t I be able to do whatever I want?